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Neutron HiFi™ Isolator V1 | Portable IP67-rated High-Speed USB data and power isolator

Neutron HiFi™ Isolator V1 | Portable IP67-rated High-Speed USB data and power isolator

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Neutron HiFi™ Isolator V1 is a portable IP67-rated High-Speed USB signal isolator (galvanic barrier) for a complete elimination of the noise coming from USB digital and power paths, including ground-loop noise, humming noise and others. Protects your valuable device from various power hazards and is an indispensable tool for audiophiles for connecting USB DAC to PC.

It has ultra-portable design for comfortable use in any environment and is ideal choice for a suppression of power noise coming from PC to your audio device or sensitive measurement equipment.

Neutron HiFi™ Isolator V1 is not only technically perfect, its exterior design has great look and feel!

Consider protecting your device with Neutron HiFi™ Case for Neutron HiFi™ Isolator V1.

We recommend using Neutron HiFi™ DAC V1 with Neutron HiFi™ USB Cables for the best performance.

Do not miss opportunity to get USB-C to USB Micro-B cable which can be used for providing optional external power supply in case of necessity when connecting power-hungry USB devices, such as DAPs or powerful DACs.

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Input USB-C™ jack Data/Power, USB Micro-B External Power
Output USB-C™ jack
Speed High Speed (USB 2.0, 480 Mbps)
Power 0.4A 5V (from USB), 3A 5V (External Power)
Isolation 3kV DC Power, 5.7 kV RMS Data
IP Rating IP67


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